Hitting the Other 50 Percent

The world of porn has always been one that favours the sexual appetite of a man. Men wanted to see porn, fantasized about it, and were willing to pay for it. Just like other fields, there were exceptions. But the main audience remained men, who continuously bought videos and magazines before the internet, and continued to subscribe to porn sites when the internet made its mark. Well, now things are changing, and they are changing fast.

The Nuance

We have all heard the reasons for the continued love between men and pornography: their sex drive being more prominent and the ease with which a man can be stimulated, among others. But what if you were told that the relation was strengthened because porn companies made porn that men liked, with categories like step father fucks daughter, amateur, college , cum in tight pussy, interracial lesbian sex, lesbians, hardcore, orgy, threesome, babes and much more. Porn gave them options for each of their fantasies: brunette, blonde, ebony, oral, small tits, natural tits, and many more. All of these obviously promised them the best hard sex.

Somewhere down the line, these titles, while doing a good job in luring men, also drove away women. They didn’t want to be objectified to such an extent, and the very brashness of this kind of porn which appeals to the average male drives away the average female.

The Times are Changing

In the past few years, the trends have started to change faster than ever. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. A Known Secret

The unprecedented success of the 50 Shades of Grey books revealed a huge secret to the world of porn, something which many people already knew. But not many knew the extent of it. It revealed that women like erotic situations when there is a much deeper backstory attached to it, not just top raw sex. They were even willing to read it, and let their imagination take over.

  • Opening Up

Pornhub releases an annual stat about various kinds of data related to its audience. If you look closely at the numbers, the number of female viewers has been steadily increasing over the years. In fact, even the percentage of female viewers has been increasing. In 2019, 1 out of every 3 visitors on Pornhub was a female. As women open up to the world of porn, it is the right time for porn companies to take hold of this new audience base and not let go.

  • The Right Move

While most men prefer porn, which is purely carnal in nature, women search for a plot. The best hard raw sex hits their needs, and rightly so. Women’s fantasies may or may not be as extreme as men’s, but a backstory is not always required when the viewer sees consensual no condom hard raw sex. Most women, according to a survey, find blatant carnality purely repulsive, especially when they imagine themselves in that scenario.

As mentioned earlier.. everyone knew this about women. There had been references to women enjoying erotica in various movies and TV Series of the past century, especially in the late 90s. However, the astronomical success of the 50 Shades of Grey books made the porn companies realize just how profitable women can be. They had to move on from one-dimensional topics like creampie, first time, big-dick, whores, slut, and rough sex. They had to embrace the art of storytelling and the likes of interracial lesbian porn and step father fucks daughter fantasy xxx to successfully turn their perception into their reality while viewing black men fucking college lesbian girls as they film interracial lesbian porn (that thought of your best friend having lesbian college sex with a huge Black Cock in an interracial three way sex orgy excites you)

Do porn stories turn you on?

Nowadays, a lot of the porn being shot tends to include some fantasy that tantalizes the senses more than just hard raw sex, but the story makes itself present through a “story”… They focus more on making a beautiful scene then just raw fucking. They now focus on a range of situations which may appeal to women: escaping a lost marriage, getting back at an ex, and more such scenarios where they are shown breaking the molds of society. They get excited when they imagine themselves playing out these situations. The more excited they get, the more porn they want to watch.